Holy Taco (and Tailgate Fan!) for May 15

It’s a good thing I do these daily roundups, because it turns out Holy Taco author pages only cover the last five things an author put out. Hooray, I inadvertently did something right!

Also, I have something new from Tailgate Fan today, so that goes in the roundup too. It’s a great big content orgy, and you’re all invited.

TACO 1: 7 Ways to Make the New Flappy Bird Less Addictive

Flappy Bird is finally set to return, and its creator promises a “less addictive” game this time around. What the hell does that even mean? Well, in lieu of any actual details, I set about brainstorming my own theories. I’m pretty awesome at theories, and if Mr. Flappy doesn’t take me seriously, it’s his own damn fault.

TACO 2: Prince Returns to Warner Brothers, Already Hates Them Again

In the ’90s, Prince waged war on his record label, Warner Brothers. Well, now he’s back with them. And he’s already whining and moaning about how he hates them so. Methinks the man who made his guitar look like  gigantic penis during the Super Bowl wants some more attention.

TAILGATE FAN: Top 5 Most Overrated Athletes

I do weekly Top 5’s over at Tailgate Fan, a sports-oriented site. In this installment, I take big shits on Wilt Chamberlain and Alex Rodriguez, and several people who are far better at sports than I am. But just about everybody on Earth is, so that doesn’t automatically mean they deserve millions and millions of dollars.


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