Holy Taco for May 16

Failures of the Past: Billy Joel’s High-Pitched Debut Album

Cold Spring Harbor, Billy Joel’s debut album, sounds like it was recorded by one of the Munchkins from Oz. Turns out, Joel’s producer fucked up the mix, accidentally sped the album up, and took 12 years to remix it because had worked hard-ish that day and he was tired.

Read on, and prepare yourself for the funniest version of “She’s Got a Way” you’ve ever heard.

Want a Free Tattoo? Then Sit Tight and Let the Bedbugs Bite

A few years ago, some scientist decided to give himself a bedbug tattoo, by sticking a thousand critters in a jar and letting him chew on his arm until it looked like a bunny rabbit. And if you have absolutely nothing to live for anymore, you can very easily do this yourself. So check under your bedsheets — if you find a thousand bedbugs, you’ve found yourself a tattoo gun.


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