Holy Taco for May 22

Great Failures From the Past: The Sit-Down Ironing Board

Back in the ’50s, some company attempted a sit-down ironing board, with an advertising campaign that consisted of Santa Claus giving his young, nubile wife one for Christmas.

I’m leaving this article here as a cautionary note for all: DO YER RESEARCH. Half of my thesis was, “this thing failed but needs to make a comeback because our lazy asses would adore sitting while ironing. Of course, after posting it, I learned that sit-down ironing boards are very much a thing, especially for older folks who physically can’t stand for very long. Oopsie doodles.

On the plus side, it’s still a stupid way to sell a product. “Ho ho ho, iron my pants!”

Great Failures From the Past: Devil Comes Back to Georgia

“The Devil Went Down To Georgia” sure is a song that exists, and shockingly a sequel exists as well. “Devil Comes Back to Georgia” tells the harrowing tale of the Devil going to Georgia (again) challenging Johnny to a fiddle duel (again) and losing (again). Do I even have to mention the song sounds the exact same too, or have you already figured that out?


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