Holy Taco for May 26

Ichi: Jack Hyer: An Epic Wedding Proposal from an Epic Maniac

This video of a guy proposing to his girlfriend with a music video he spent four years filming has gone stupidly viral. I say stupid, because nobody but me seems to care that this guy started planning this proposal after ONE DATE. Isn’t that Creep 101 behavior? How lonely must she have been to stay with this wacko for four years straight?

Ni: Happy, the New McD’s Mascot: Not Scary, Just Terribly Unfunny

Happy, the new McDonald’s mascot, has been  scaring social media the past week or so, because he looks like a walking nightmare. But he’s been a thing over in Europe since 2009, and it turns out the problem isn’t that he’s scary — it’s that he’s annoying, obnoxious, and brutally, painfully unfunny.


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