Holy Taco for May 27

This: The Pros and Cons of Walking Your Dog with a Drone

There’s a viral video going around of a guy who used his drone to walk his dog. This got me thinking about whether or not doing that is actually a good idea. Then, thirty seconds later, I stopped thinking and started writing. This is the result.

That: The Kim Jong-Un Video Game: An Exercise in Lazy Satire

Kim Jong-Un is getting his own videogame, and people are just going goo-goo ga-ga over it’s supposed satirical hilarity. The only problem is, based on the trailer, it’s all recycled jokes. Unicorns, Dennis Rodman, brandishing the machine gun he and his cronies supposedly mowed down his girlfriend with — it’s all been done before. This is lazy-ass satire, and that just might be the worst kind of satire possible.


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