Holy Taco and Tailgate Fan for May 30

LARRY: Holy Taco Bad Book Club: Pro Wrestling Poetry

There’s a book of pro wrestling poetry out there — freeform, avant garde poetry at that. But it reads much less like actual art, and more lists of obscure wrestling references and insider terms designed to make a very desperate author look as “in” with the wrestling business as possible.

CURLY: Coffee Dad: Twitter Joke, Depressing Existential Quandary

The Coffee Dad Twitter account is a weird joke with occasional references to a Dad mourning his lost son. The fact that he’s still mourning him, years later, turns this joke into a depressing treatise on how for many, grief and pain never ends and while they may still be breathing, they stopped living long ago.

I may or may not have been in a moody mood when writing this.

MOE: Top 5 Most Underrated Athletes

Tailgate Fan wanted a straight-up list of underrated sports peoples, and by gum I gave it to them. This here is the thing that I gave.


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