Holy Taco and Tailgate Fan for June 4

U: 6 Ways Rob Gronkowski Can Stop Sucking at Improv Comedy

The New England Patriots resident fratbro, Rob Gronkowski, appeared on Whose Line Is It Anyway and absolutely sucked at it. If he ever wants to try again though, I offer a few pointers he needs to adhere to. After all, I’ve watched that show a LOT, therefore I know everything about it.

S: Otto V, World’s Worst Rapper: Why Isn’t He Viral Yet?

Occasionally, a jackass who should go viral due to utter lack of talent and hilarious levels of delusion, but doesn’t. One such guy is Otto V, a wannabe rapper with no flow, rhyming ability, charisma, charm, or decent ideas. That doesn’t stop him from acting like King Shit, or at least attempting to.

A: Top 5 Sports Scandals

Don’t you love straight-ahead titles? This is a list of my five favorite times when an athlete or team blatantly cheated to gain an edge, got caught, and dragged their sport through the mud because of it. Don’t worry: chances are, you’re not on this thing. Unless you’re A-Rod, in which case, hi Alex! Also, screw you Alex!


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