Media Shower and Related Blogs






In addition to crafting 2000-word snarkfests for your giggling enjoyment, I also did my time as a blogger-for-hire. I did my blogging through Media Shower, the SEO/content company that owned in the past. I enjoyed the pain they put me through so much I went and helped craft their blog, along with the blogs of many different websites. I kept it as light-hearted and funny as possible, though if you only love me when I say fuck and shit like I’m on curseword quota, then don’t click on any of the following fucking links:

Media Shower: Doi

Trivia Today: A website devoted to getting you ready for your next trivia pub night. This is the blog where I actually taught shit.

Mint: Owned by Quicken, is all about money and how to save it. For reasons that begin and end with “ahdunno,” my writing there was pseudonym’d under the name Mary Hiers. Mama always said I looked like a Mary.

IamFunnyShirts: They sell sensible golf shirts that you can wear to a formal dinner party.


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