Yep, I Used To Write Here Too

Over the years, I’ve written for many a website, though I’m not active in all of them for one reason or another. Here then, are the Ghosts of Websites Past:

Weirdworm: Archives are currently wonky

Gunaxin: Articles found here

Urban Titan: Articles found here

Oh Pish Posh: Articles found here

Dorkly: My one article from there: 5 Reasons The Non-Superpowered Superhero Thing Is Bullshit

The Geekout: I wrote a whole two articles for these guys before they disappeared into the darkness like ninjas: Six Ancient Gods You Could Take In a Fight and Megatron vs. Megatron

Zug and The Smoking Jacket: Both closed forever, taking their archives with them. Over time, I will re-post these articles on this site, particularly the Zug ones, because in each one I suffered horribly. As it turns out, my pain is the height of comedy.


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