Jason Iannone

New England-based stage and screen actor for hire

Character/Live Event actor for…also hire

Playwright and author

Real live ginger

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With bright red hair, a unique surname, a flair for both the dramatic and the comedic, and expressive everything, Jason Iannone (eye-uh-know-knee) was always destined to be one of two things: an accomplished actor or a terrible spy.

Luckily, he chose the former.

He rambled his way in the acting world in 2018 and quickly realized it was where he needed to be.

Since then, he’s worked in plays, movies, TV shows, commercials, murder-mystery theater, and live events galore. His ultimate goal? YOUR next project.

Elsewhere, Jason: writes stories, plays, and screenplays; slowwwwwly gets better at guitar; reads everything from this to that to the other thing; hikes increasingly steep mountains; knows way more about pro wrestling than should ever be considered healthy; and does his damnedest to make his real boss (a ginger lab named Sky) happy.

He’s a father of one, a stepfather of three, a husband of one, and a horn of plenty.

He’s also been known to creep around Backstage, though not in a creepy way. Probably.

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Email: jayviniann@gmail.com

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